OK4Ride has the next features, let’s comment here about them and any other new features that the users may need.

The User’s Guide provides the how to usage for these features.

Legend – Features

  1. Currently Released
  2. Future – on working [<date when test/released>]
  3. Future – clear/in pipeline
  4. Future – in discussion


  1. Broad usage – save CO2 sharing Cars

    1. Drivers‘ published Ride Offers are freely meeting Passengers‘ published Ride Needs to save CO2 (!).
    2. There is a simple and fair algorithm to allocate CO2 savings (between Car, Driver, and Participants).
    3. Each Ride has at least From, To and Via, Path points.
    4. Each Ride participant can EDIT the Ride’s Path, Path’s points inherits the Google provided address (but can be renamed too).
    5. To be a Driver you need to define your Car details and your Driver details (motto, preferences, gender etc.).
    6. The Driver can Publish the edited Ride as an Offer, when a Car is enabled (multiple Not enabled may exist), and Driver info is filled in.
    7. To be a Passenger, you need to save your Gender, and have NO Car enabled, for your published Need.
    8. While being Published, the Ride can’t be changed/edited.
    9. Drivers and Passengers can search for matching Published Needs and Offers.
    10. A Passenger can be Interested in a Published Offer.
    11. A Driver can not Accept, then Settle the Ride Offer with all the currently Interested Passengers, exchanging Messages before and after this.
    12. The Driver‘s Ride controls are Start/Pause (position sharing), Reschedule (expired Ride), Stop/Cancel (settled Ride).
    13. The Passenger‘s Ride controls are Start/Pause, Stop/Cancel.
    14. For each Stop a Feedback / Rating about the Participants should be provided.
    15. When Canceling a Ride a Reason should be provided.
    16. For each Ride the participants can share Messages, see the others’ Ratings, see the Ride Details, see the Ride on the Map (plus stations).
    17. “Hunting” Ride Offers and Needs is possible, by searching Ride’s around a short From/To path.
    18. The From/To searching positions can be edited via the Ride’s Path Editor.
    19. A specific Ride, Need (seen as “User”) or Offer (seen as “User @ Car”) can be directly searched too.
    20. Users can authenticate themselves with Google and Facebook accounts
    21. The user’s account name and photo is inherited in the OK4Ride.
    22. The user Photo is presented in Ride Messenger, Ratings and Details.
    23. In Search by Station, From / To  is adjusted according with the clicked Ride (map or any Ride listing as Offer/Search/User’s Rides).
    24. The Map can be moved to Your location, Zoom max/min, centered to most important Ride (eg. the current Selected Ride, Settled Offer, Published Ride, any User Ride).
  2. Local usage – Share BUS position

    1. Show the next artifacts on the Map
      1. Ride paths
      2. Ride path stations
      3. Ride’s Cars – public transportation
      4. Your position
      5. Friends position
    2. Public transportation – supported cities
      1. Romania, Ilfov, Berceni
      2. Romania, Ilfov, Domnesti/Teghes/Putul Olteni
    3. Search the Map artifacts
      1. Rides – by Ride number and company
      2. Rides – by Ride’s Path stations
    4. Bookmark
      1. Rides
      2. Station
      3. Cars
      4. Users
    5. Share
      1. A specific Car location – to ALL/everybody
        1. place a request
        2. wait for admin’s approval
      2. A specific Car location – to specific friends
      3. Your location – to specific friends
    6. Admin module
      1. Approve user’s requests for sharing Car’s location to ALL
    7. Messages/discuss on/with
      1. Station
      2. Car
      3. User 
      4. Driver user
    8. Feedback about 
      1. Station
      2. Car
      3. Driver user
      4. Passenger users