2018 August (new version)

A new version is on the Go, that will change the Functionality into

  • FREE – Ride Sharing
    • use your Google or Facebook account, accept the Privacy
    • create unlimited Rides and Cars portfolio, easy to use Ride’s Path Editor
    • ride publish, settle, engage (sharing position), close / cancel
    • messenger, favorites / bookmarks
    • feedback / ratings
  • FREE – for Driver
    • discover Passengers in your current 1 km fixed HotZones
  • FREE – for Passenger
    • discover Drivers in your current 1 km fixed HotZones


  • FREE – Discover and talk with any User 
    • search user by Car’s plate or Person’s name
    • in your current 1 km fixed HotZones


  • will NOT be FREE, any super extra features
    • NOT identified and NOT implemented, yet 🙂
  • FREE – …bugs ! 🙂
    • it is Beta version


<pictures to come> until then you can consider the User’s Guide 


2017 Jun (old version)

OK4Ride is an Android application that started from a need, a need for civilization, for a better and more predictive live, with its small contribution in traveling.

We all want to travel quick an predictable, as time and safety, hence we need to share feedback, to contribute with different sharing activities (car’s location, ride’s feedback ratings, opinion about everything etc.).

All your feedback should count, by triggering actions for better traveling facilities and infrastructure.

Example: in all quickly developing countries the existing infrastructure is far from their needed capacities, the future is:

  • a better traffic management and
  • a better and integrated public transportation system

Let’s ride together!