2018 December 25

  • OK4Ride is Wishing you a Happy Christmas / Winter Holidays !!!
    • and a 2019 with better .. mood for finishing such projects

2018 July 31

  • Aiming to release on beg-mid Aug, because
  • Using this period to add more bugs 🙂 , sorry, new feature,
    • searching the “static” People/Cars, discover-able by Name/Plate Number (when Published so), the Location Sharing should work as for any other Ride (when the Driver is Engaging into the Ride)

2018 July 16

  • Jun: 1st half – solving bugs, 2nd half – summer time
  • Jul: 1st half – sync “out of OK4Ride”
    • end Jul: aiming to release OK4Ride, by all means (buggy or not)

2018 May 30

  • After a critical module’s refactoring (to be more maintainable), some important functionality was impacted (yes … no JUnit testing, nor any automatic regression testing, but low cost/time “surgical programming” efforts)
  • I am very impatience to launch the new OK4Ride free ride sharing, then look for crowdfunding or so (to increase the capacity, to support more platforms, to have better support services like …testing, to cover a better Incidents response time etc.), to make OK4Ride a serious stuff!

2018 May 07

  • Most of the “ugly” bugs are solved, but … I have a lot of ideas (hence more “bugs” are expected), and not  much time, working now to improve the usability of the “hot zone” (User’s Guide is not presenting, yet, this already in place feature), a User (Passenger/Driver) to quickly identify the available Ride Directions around it’s position, and choose one (in a minimum number of clicks/touches)
  • The Beta version will be published when the functionality will be end2end at a level of decent Usability (at least for me and some adhoc testers/Users)

2018 Apr 17

  • note: there are some little bugs to be solved, before lunching the Beta version, normally can be solved in 1 week, but, doing this (DEV + TEST + DEPLOY + DOC etc.) in part time, one person, the estimates are becoming much more flexible/”expandable” than desired

2018 Feb 26

2017 Sep 26

  • published the latest release in Google Play
    • it is focused on sharing Bus position, in a geographically limited zone (with Bus schedule prediction problems)
    • the next version will be much different that the one now (as of Apr 17, 2018) in Google Play
      • putting Drivers & Passengers together
      • any Person can be Driver or Passenger, switching between
      • sharing Car to save CO2 and time/money
      • should be FREE, no fees/taxes
        • Google infrastructure capacity limitations may impact some of the features availability
      • there is NO revenue schema
        • looking for investors

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